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Previously-Sent Messages

Subject Date Sent
Work at the City of Granbury, and more news9/22/2022 10:13 AM
45 people liked speaking to the Manager9/20/2022 3:40 PM
Sergeant Carter can't hear you-Granbury's City Manager will9/17/2022 11:00 AM
Dr. Frasier Crane and the City of Granbury are listening9/16/2022 1:31 PM
Water repair near hospital9/16/2022 11:31 AM
City of Granbury water has been voted Best Tasting Drinking Water9/16/2022 10:19 AM
You're invited to something new in Granbury9/14/2022 4:04 PM
City is misrepresented9/14/2022 2:55 PM
Roads closed for parade Monday night9/12/2022 3:03 PM
East Pearl Street delay Monday 2pm9/12/2022 10:18 AM
Council votes on tax rate and budget, and other news9/7/2022 4:38 PM
City Water (really good) News9/6/2022 11:39 AM
Labor Day holiday, TxDOT working, and more news9/2/2022 3:06 PM
It's National Dog Day, and more news8/26/2022 7:00 AM
Hood County's Burn Ban has been lifted8/24/2022 1:52 PM
Increased rail traffic through the city8/23/2022 3:14 PM
Mayor and Council Election candidates, and more news8/22/2022 5:09 PM
Flood Watch8/21/2022 3:01 PM
Explaining the City Budget and other news8/17/2022 4:40 PM
Help shape the future of Granbury8/15/2022 5:55 PM
A 30 sec. thank-you video8/10/2022 2:10 PM
Lawn Watering Tips and other news8/4/2022 4:42 PM
Colony Fire Update 11a Thursday8/4/2022 11:21 AM
Clean Air Action Day is Wednesday8/1/2022 3:53 PM
Runway Closed7/31/2022 2:01 PM
Fire Hydrant Flushing7/26/2022 6:00 PM
Excellence is a habit7/25/2022 5:23 PM
Hood County issues Evacuation Order7/19/2022 7:03 PM
From Hood County Office of Emergency Management7/19/2022 8:52 AM
No one injured in plane hard landing7/18/2022 1:19 PM
Set your DVR for Saturday at 9 p.m.7/14/2022 3:35 PM
Conserve Electricity7/13/2022 2:01 PM
Conserve water please7/12/2022 5:40 PM
Please Conserve Electricity7/11/2022 12:24 PM
July 4th Parade Highlight video and other news7/7/2022 3:46 PM
July 4th Holiday Q&A6/30/2022 3:13 PM
City receives green light on Wastewater Treatment Plant plan6/28/2022 10:18 AM
Please conserve water6/27/2022 5:05 PM
Runway closed6/24/2022 4:38 PM
Council hears pool plans6/15/2022 3:50 PM
Council hears pool plans6/15/2022 3:45 PM
Mosquito Spraying beings Tuesday night6/7/2022 3:31 PM
Time to (safely) get wet6/3/2022 1:43 PM
Memorial Day Weekend: Ceremonies and Salutes5/27/2022 9:17 AM
Granbury's Talking Dog explains new Ordinance5/26/2022 3:04 PM
Election Day, Tuesday5/23/2022 4:00 PM
Water Main Break5/23/2022 8:32 AM
New Police Department Headquarters opens5/19/2022 5:41 PM
Early Voting Underway5/17/2022 4:28 PM
What a week this will be!5/15/2022 8:46 AM
You're invited to City events5/12/2022 11:17 AM