Charter Review Commission

Meeting Dates and Times


Meeting Location

Granbury City Hall, 116 West Bridge Street, Granbury, Texas

Duties and Qualifications

The Council shall appoint at its first regular meeting of 1990 and not later than every fourth year thereafter, a Charter commission of seven (7) citizens of the City of Granbury.

A. Duties of the Commission:

1. Inquire into the operation of the City Government under the Charter provisions and determine whether any such provisions require revision. To this end public hearings may be held; and the commission shall have the power to compel the attendance of any officer or employee of the City and require the submission of any of the City records which it may deem necessary to the conduct of such hearing;

2. Propose any recommendations it may deem desirable to insure compliance with the provisions of the Charter by the several departments of the City government;

3. Propose, if it deems desirable, amendments to this Charter to improve the effective application of the Charter to current conditions; and

4. Report its findings and present its proposed amendments, if any, to the Council. Prior to submitting proposed amendments to the Council, however, the Review Commission shall have such proposed amendments reviewed by the City Attorney to ensure compliance with State law. (Section 12.20A.4., formerly Section 12.21A.4., amended by election held May 4, 2002)

B. Term of Office: The term of office of such Charter Review commission shall be six (6) months, or sooner if a report is presented to the City Council prior to said term of office. If during such six (6) month term no report is presented to the City Council, then the records of the proceedings of such Commission shall be filed with the person performing the duties of the City Secretary and shall become a public record.

C. Action by the Council: The Council shall receive any report presented by the Charter Review Commission. The Council shall consider any recommended Charter amendments made and may accept, amend, or decline to accept the recommendations. If the Council accepts or amends the recommendations of the Charter Review Commission, the Council shall order the recommended Charter amendments, as accepted or amended, to be submitted to the voters of the City in the manner provided by state law. (Section 12.20C., formerly Section 12.21C., amended by election held May 4, 2002)