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The mission of the Health Department is to assist the citizens of Granbury in achieving this state of wellness through public health service and education programs. 

  • Goal: Prevent disease, promote health
  • Vision: Healthy people in a healthy community
  • Standard: Public-oriented service where the health department works in partnership with the community to provide quality programs that are delivered with enthusiasm and a positive attitude

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  1. Health Inspection Scores
  2. Smoking Ordinance
  3. Bed & Breakfast Establishments
  4. Hotels / Motels
  5. Retail Food Establishments
  6. Public & Semi-Public Pools
  7. Schools / Childcare Facilities
  8. Snowcone Stands - Seasonal Sale
  9. Temporary Food Establishments

View Health Inspection Scores Here

Inspections are conducted 2-4 times annually. Each inspection results in a score based on the number of violations found. Each score is based on a point system from 0-100, with a score of 100 being perfect. Each violation has a demerit value; this value is subtracted from 100 to give the inspection score.

Grading System

Scoring RangeMeaning Required Action 
100-90Very goodRegular inspection schedule
89-80GoodRegular inspection schedule
79-70PassingIncreased inspection frequency
69-60FailingRequires a compliance inspection within 48 hours
Requires immediate closure and re-inspection before reopening

Violation Severity

Violations may be classified as critical or non-critical. Critical violations, such as temperature control and cross-contamination issues, are more likely than other violations to contribute to food contamination, illness, injury, or cause an environmental health hazard. In the event that a critical violation is found, immediate action is taken to resolve the issue to ensure that public health is not put at further risk.

A non-critical violation is one that does not seriously affect public health. Any non-critical violations found during an inspection must be corrected by the time of the next inspection. 

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