Hangar Leases

Granbury Regional Airport Hangars and Tie Downs

Tie Downs

Transient and lease tie-downs are currently available on the Airport.

Overnight Tie-Down Space – $5.00 (first night waived with fuel purchase)
Open T-hangar (covered space) when available – $10.00
Enclosed T-hangars when available – $25.00


Granbury Regional Airport owns and leases out 75 individual T-hangar units. Currently, the waiting time for those hangars is about three months. You can be added to the wait list by calling the Airport Terminal at 817-579-8533. 

There are three different types of hangar units available for rental. The A & B hangar units are the oldest on the Airport and are smaller than standard T-Hangars. The units are completely enclosed but do not have any power available. The single T-Hangar is the second type of hangar available and is completely enclosed with 5-amps of power available. The third type of hangar available is the Twin Hangar which like the single T-Hangar is completely enclosed and has 5-amps of power available. The current rental rates for the three types of hangars are as follows:

$285 mo – New enclosed hangars
$325 mo – New enclosed ‘end’ hangars
$225 mo – Older city hangars
$125 mo – Open T-hangars