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1. Will public comments be allowed regarding annexation at the upcoming Granbury City Council meetings on May 21 and June 4, 2019?
2. Why do Texas cities annex?
3. What services do property owners typically receive upon annexation?
4. How will this affect property taxes?
5. What has been the timeline of this process?
6. What are the details of the Non-Annexation Development Agreement regarding development, selling property, etc.?
7. When would residents see improvement in roads that are annexed? Are all roads, in or adjacent to an area, annexed into the City or are some left in the County?
8. How does water and sewer work?
9. Will I be able to continue the use of my property after annexation? Will my property be "grandfathered"?
10. Do I need a building permit to build on my property or to make repairs to existing structures?
11. What should I do about wild animals on my property?
12. Would annexation affect common area ownership? Would private areas remain private after annexation?
13. Where can I find out more about the Local Government Code and Annexations?
14. The City has many ordinances - is it possible to get copies of these?
15. What are some helpful phone numbers?