• Anyone who sustains a personal injury as a victim of a violent crime; while going to the aid of another person or a peace officer, or while attempting to prevent a crime of violence.
  • The surviving spouse, child or other dependant of a deceased victim.
  • A dependent or immediate family member of a deceased victim who resides within the same household and who requires psychiatric care or counseling because of a crime.
  • An immediate family member resident in the same household with a victim who is under 17 years of age and who requires psychiatric care or counseling.
  • Anyone who legally assumes the obligation or voluntarily pays the medical or burial expenses of a deceased victim.

Not Eligible

  • Anyone injured in a motor-vehicle accident, unless the driver:
    • Intentionally caused the injury
    • Was driving while intoxicated
    • Failed to stop and render aid
  • The offender and/or accomplices or when an award would unjustly enrich the offender or accomplice.
  • A victim whose own misconduct caused or contributed to the crime (in such cases, benefits may be denied or reduced).
  • A victim who was incarcerated in a penal institution (as defined in Subdivision (26) Sec 1.07, Penal Code) at the time of the offense.