Granbury Historic Landmarks


The City of Granbury Historic Preservation Commission has designated 29 structures and 2 trees as local historic landmarks. This designation ensures the protection of the landmark and requires Commission approval to make exterior alterations. Fifteen of the local landmarks have also been recorded as state historic landmarks by the Texas Historical Commission. Three sites within the city have received the prestigious National Register of Historic Places designation.

The Granbury Historic Preservation Commission hopes to continue designating historic structures as part of their program to preserve Granbury's rich history. Property owners may apply to have their property considered for the landmark designation.

Local Landmarks Register

HL-01 Baker-Carmichael House, 226 E. Pearl St. #*
HL-02 J. D. Brown House, 118 W. Bluff St. #
HL-03 James H. Doyle House, 123 W. Doyle St. #
HL-04 Estes-Green House, 319 W. Pearl St.
HL-05 E. A. Hannaford House, 126 S. Lambert St. #
HL-06 Bowden-Kennon House, 505 W. Doyle St. #
HL-07 H. E. Robertson House, 422 W. Doyle St.
HL-08 Daniel House, 107 W. Bluff St. #
HL-09 Lees-Bryan House, 121 W. Bluff St. #
HL-10 Holderness-Aiken House, 321 W. Bridge St. #
HL-11 Cogdell House, 616 Thorp Springs Rd.
HL-12 Walker House, 510 N. Brazos St. (D)
HL-13 Live Oak Tree, 305 E. Moore St.
HL-14 Live Oak Tree, 801 N. Lipan Hwy.
HL-15 Granbury Light Plant, 510 N. Brazos St. #
HL-16 Granbury News-Crockett-Crawford Building, 510 N. Brazos St. (D)
HL-18 Ratliff House (Pomegranate House), 1002 W. Pearl St.
HL-20 Yeats-Duke Cabin, 214 N. Crockett St.
HL-21 Granbury College President's House (Peveler House), 801 N. Lipan Hwy.
HL-22 Wright-Henderson-Duncan House, 703 Spring St. #*
HL-24 Smith-Savage House, 826 Thorp Springs Rd. #
HL-25 Rylee-Aiken House, 1500 Crawford Av.
HL-26 Stringfellow-Craddock-Gilmartin House, 322 W. Bridge St.
HL-27 Granbury Railroad Depot, 109 Ewell St. #
HL-28 Walker-Morris-Peveler House, 315 W. Bridge St. #
HL-29 D. L. Nutt House, 319 E. Bridge St. #
HL-30 Doyle-Archer House, 321 W. Doyle St.
HL-31 Daniel-Harris House, 403 W. Bridge St. #
HL-32 Walthall-Carswell House, 305 N. Baker St.
HL-33 Ferry Master's Cabin, 721 Hill Blvd.

# Indicates Recorded Texas Historic Landmark
* Indicates National Register of Historic Places designation
(D) Indicates property that has been demolished