Health Inspection Scores

Grading System

The City of Granbury Health Department is responsible for conducting inspections of all food establishments within the corporate boundary of the City of Granbury.

Scoring system, as outlined by the Texas Food Establishment Rules (2006)

Scoring Range
Required Action
100-90 Very good Regular inspection schedule
89-80 Good Regular inspection schedule
79-70 Passing Increased inspection frequency
69-60 Failing Requires a compliance inspection within 48 hours
Requires immediate closure and re-inspection before reopening

Violation Severity

Violations may be classified as critical or non-critical. Critical violations, such as temperature control and cross-contamination issues, are more likely than other violations to contribute to food contamination, illness, injury, or cause an environmental health hazard. In the event that a critical violation is found, immediate action is taken to resolve the issue to ensure that the public health is not put at further risk.

A non-critical violation is one that does not seriously affect the public health. Any non-critical violations found during an inspection must be corrected by the time of the next inspection.