Water:  Water is provided by the City of Granbury Public Works through a combination of wells and a surface water plant.  The water is provided to the Commerce Centre of Granbury through 12-inch supply lines.  Current well capacity is about 2,000,000 gallons per day (2 mgd) and the water plant supplies 2.5 mgd.  This system can supply the fresh water and wastewater for business operations.  The City of Granbury Public Works Department recently has won numerous awards as a Superior Public Water System and Top Tasting Water in Texas.  

Wastewater:   Wastewater service is provided by the City of Granbury Public Works.  Current excess capacity is 200,000 gpd through and 12-inch service lines are installed the Commerce Centre of Granbury.  Granbury is awaiting approval from TCEQ to begin construction of new wastewater treatment plant to increase overall system wastewater treatment capacity.   

Electricity:  Electricity in the City of Granbury is regulated and Tri County Electric Cooperative.   The current substation is fed by a 138 mw (megawatt) transmission line has a capacity of 20 megawatts (mw) with approximately 7 mw of available power.   The substation is located about 2,100 feet from the Commerce Centre. There is adequate capacity in the transmission system and the transmission lines run across the Commerce Centre of Granbury just north of TX Loop 567.  The City of Granbury Electric Department also provides electric service to many parts of the City.  Other regulated electric providers in the City include United Cooperative Services and Brazos Electric Cooperative which also serve Hood County.     

Natural Gas:   Atmos Energy supplies natural gas to the Commerce Centre of Granbury.  It is presently rated at approximately 15psig and 15mcfh.   

Telecommunications:   Fiber service is in the Commerce Centre at speeds up to 1000 Mbps provided by AT&T  Redundancy is available. Spectrum also serves the City of Granbury.    

Waste/Garbage:   The city provides garbage service to all parts of the City of Granbury Public Works.

Environmental Conditions:   Granbury and Hood County are currently in an  EPA Attainment Area in the Dallas Metroplex , which may eliminate the need for manufacturers to install costly pollution control equipment and/or put into place stringent operational limitations.