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1. Where is the Building Inspections, Permits, & Code Enforcement Department located and what are the hours of operations?
2. What forms of payment are accepted?
3. When is a permit required?
4. What is a Certificate of Occupancy?
5. When is a Certificate of Occupancy required?
6. Why is a Certificate of Occupancy needed?
7. Can a Certificate of Occupancy be revoked?
8. How long does the review process take on residential projects?
9. Can a permit be picked up without the general contractor or subcontractors being listed on the permit?
10. What construction can occur on property before issuance of a building permit, and when can dirt work commence on a project?
11. Is a permit required to occupy or use a building?
12. Can application be made for a building permit while the site is being platted or zoning is pending?

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1. What are the hours for City Hall?
2. When and where are the City Council Meetings held?
3. Where is the Visitors Center located?
4. What is the latest on Highway 377?

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1. How do I get a copy of my accident report and what is the fee?
2. What is the phone number for the Driver's License Office?
3. Where is the Police Department located?
4. Can I have my fingerprints done by the Granbury Police Department and is there a fee?
  1. Granbury, Texas Homepage

The City of Granbury

  1. 116 W Bridge Street,

  2. Granbury, TX 76048

  3. Phone: 817-573-1114

  4. Staff Directory

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