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Forms Custodial Issues
Forms Decker Gym Maint Repairs
Forms Discolored/Cloudy Water (Water Treatment)
Forms Dog Park Maintenance
Forms Drainage Concerns
Forms Drainage Ditch Issue
Forms Dusk to Dawn/Street Lights
Forms Emergency Weather Response (sandbags, barricades, etc.)
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Forms Floodplain Development Issues
Forms Flushing (Water Treatment)
Forms Landscaping
Forms Leak at Meter
Forms Lift Station Alarm/Overflow (Wastewater Treatment)
Forms Lift Station Mowing/Weedeating
Forms Limbs in Power Lines
Forms Litter along or in street/debris removal
Forms Low Hanging Limbs Over Street
Forms Low Hanging Power Lines
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Forms Old Hospital (Opera House Dorms)
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Forms Pavement Striping (lanes, curbs, crosswalks)
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Forms Playground Maintenance
Forms Pool Operations
Forms Poor Pavement Conditions
Forms Pothole Repair Request
Forms Power Outage
Forms Power pole leaning/broken
Forms Road/Sidewalk Sanding (icy conditions)
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Forms Sewer Gas Smell
Forms Sewer Manhole Overflow
Forms Specific Use Permit
Forms Storage Tank Leaking/Overflowing (Water Treatment)
Forms Storm Sewer Issues
Forms Street Cut Repair
Forms Street Sweeping Requests
Forms Subdivision of Property/Development/Title Transfer
Forms Valve exercising
Forms Variance/Special Exception from Zoning Ordinance
Forms Vehicle/Equipment Work Order-For City Fleet ONLY
Forms Voltage or Transformer Problems
Forms Wastewater Plant/Lift Station Odors
Forms Water Leaks
Forms Water Outage
Forms Water Shut-Off/ Turn-on Request
Forms Water Taste/Odor Concerns (Water Treatment)
Forms Water Treatment Work Order
Forms Water/Wastewater Taps & Impact Fee Issues
Forms Weatherford College Maint. Issues
Forms Zoning of Property
  1. Granbury, Texas Homepage

The City of Granbury

  1. 116 W Bridge Street,

  2. Granbury, TX 76048

  3. Phone: 817-573-1114

  4. Staff Directory

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