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Posted on: September 17, 2021

Truth or Rumor: New Fire Trucks

TRUTH: Misleading statements about improper activity are being made regarding the City of Granbury’s purchase of two fire trucks a year ago. 
RUMOR: It doesn’t pass the smell test.
TRUTH: Review of the official documents made available to City Council and the public to consider and approve the purchase (and still available upon request) have no “smell.”
RUMOR: It was a conflict of interest for Chris Coffman, City Manager to be involved in the purchase because he is a board member of one of the participating organizations.  
TRUTH: It is not a conflict of interest. Mr. Coffman DID NOT personally benefit from this transaction. He IS NOT a board member of any organization involved in this transaction. Granbury residents BENEFIT every time the fire engines are used.
RUMOR: The seller had a conflict of interest with the City of Granbury.
TRUTH: The seller signed a document stating they had no conflict of interest at the time of the transaction.
RUMOR: The purchase of the fire trucks should have gone through a competitive bidding process.
TRUTH: By law, the purchase of these fire trucks are excepted from competitive bidding. 
RUMOR: The value of items purchased do not match the sale price.
TRUTH: Correct. They are worth MORE than the sale price. The City and its residents got more value than what they paid.

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