The Interview

Interview Process

A police officer (rank of sergeant or higher) will interview the individual filing the complaint. The officer will ask the alleged victim questions about what happened. It is possible that the officer may be able to explain the officer's actions to your satisfaction.
  • Usually, the alleged victim will be interviewed at the Police Department. It is possible that they may be videotaped during the interview.
  • The individual filing the complaint may bring a lawyer, family member, or friend to the interview.
  • The police officer will ask the individual filing a complaint for the names of witnesses and other police officers that may know facts about the complaint.
  • A police photographer may take pictures of any injuries that the alleged victim thinks are related to the complaint.
  • The person making the complaint will be asked to put their complaint in writing and to sign their complaint in order to comply with the requirements of Texas Government Code Sec. 614.022.

Sec. 614.022: Complaint to be in Writing and Signed by the Complainant

To be considered by the head of a state agency or by the head of a fire or police department, the complaint must be: (1) in writing, and (2) signed by the person making the complaint.

In order to comply with Sec. 614.023 of the Texas Government Code, a copy of the signed complaint must be given to the officer within a reasonable amount of time after the complaint is filed or disciplinary action may not be taken against the officer.