Bank Examiner's Scam

About the Scam

There are many versions of this con game, but the basic premise is the same. A person posing as a bank or law enforcement official will ask a victim to make a withdrawal from a bank account in order to detect wrongdoing at the bank or to catch a criminal. Most often, the culprit makes a telephone contact at home. After identifying himself as the bank examiner or law enforcement officer who is investigating a dishonest employee at your bank, he requests the victim to make a cash withdrawal and to meet him at a predetermined location. A variation of this scheme occurs when a cashier's check is provided for deposit before the withdrawal is made.

How to Avoid

  • Do not discuss finances with strangers.
  • Do not withdraw money on the advice of strangers.
  • Immediately report to the police or your bank's security department anyone telephoning and claiming to be a bank examiner.
Note: Under no circumstances will bank officials, police, or the FBI ask you to withdraw funds.