Bicycle Patrol

Granbury Police Department Bicycle Patrol

In the early 90s the Granbury Police Department created a bicycle patrol which consisted of two officers and two bicycles. The primary duties consisted of parades and special events. The bicycle patrol helped with community events such as bicycle rodeos and bicycle safety awareness. Since that time, due to the growth of the city’s population, the bicycle patrol has expanded to regular patrols throughout the city. Officers now patrol the parks, businesses, and residential neighborhoods. Bicycle officers are more visible and open to the public than officers in a squad car.

Bicycle Patrol Officers

Officers who are selected for bicycle patrol are officers that are dedicated to community-oriented policing and the public’s safety. The Granbury Police Department has nine bicycle patrol officers and utilizes five bicycles for patrolling. Bicycle patrol officers complete a week long course to learn to maneuver the bike in adverse situations such as riding over rough terrain and learning various patrol techniques on a bicycle.

The Granbury Police officers act as role models for children as well as other cyclists by wearing helmets and obeying traffic laws, habits that make cycling safer for everyone.