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Vested Rights Petition
Under certain conditions, state law affords a permit applicant a “vested right” to have an application reviewed under older regulations that are no longer in effect. Vested rights apply only to a project, not to a property. Vested rights claims are generally based on one or more prior applications that provided fair notice of a continuing development project that began before the adoption of current regulations. More information and an application can be accessed here.

Pre-Submittal Project Meeting Requests
A Pre‐Submittal Project Meeting is strongly recommended prior to the submittal of a development application. These meetings are held as needed, by appointment. Representatives from Engineering, Planning, Public Works, Fire, and Building attend the meeting in an effort to assist you with your project by answering any questions you may have and explaining the development process and timelines.  Please use the Pre-Submittal Project Meeting Request form for scheduling.

Development Fees
Current fee rates for plat applications, zoning changes, specific-use permits, and other miscellaneous development fees can be found under the City of Granbury Development Fees page.

Application to Engage Engineering Plan Review Services                                                                                                                Requests for Engineering Plan Review Services outside of standard development applications require a deposit and submittal of an Application to Engage Engineering Review Services.

Zoning Ordinance
The City of Granbury Zoning Ordinance regulates land uses and development requirements within the City of Granbury. Requirements related to landscaping, parking, exterior construction materials, lighting, land uses, building setbacks, tree preservation and lot sizes are defined in the ordinance.

Subdivision Ordinance
The City of Granbury Subdivision Ordinance regulates the platting process as well as infrastructure development within both the City of Granbury and its Extra-Territorial Jurisdiction (ETJ). The ETJ is described as the land area within one (1) mile of the incorporated boundary. Where improvements are required by the Ordinance, a Facilities Improvements Agreement (FIA) must be filed with the City in accordance with the Public Improvements Policy (PIP). The Public Works Department administers the PIP and the approval of the FIA. A letter of credit or a payment bond and performance bond may be required if a Facilities Improvements Agreement is executed. A Variance to the Subdivision Ordinance can be granted by Council to allow a developer to waiver from the Subdivision Ordinance requirements.  A Maintenance Bond will be required upon completion, if a Facilities Improvement Agreement is executed.

Conformance with Comprehensive Plan
According to state law, municipal zoning decisions must be based on a Comprehensive Plan. The Granbury Comprehensive Plan, adopted on November 1, 2016 includes a Future Land Use Map. In instances where a proposal to rezone a property is at odds with the designation found in the Future Land Use Map, a Comprehensive Plan Amendment Form will need to be filed and processed prior to any formal action upon a rezoning proposal. This amendment will be reviewed by the Planning & Zoning Commission and City Council.

Concept/General Plan
A Concept/General Plan is optional, chosen at the discretion of the developer, being solely a draft informative document. Its purpose is to allow for open, conceptual dialogue with the Planning & Zoning Commission and City Council regarding the proposed development.

Zoning Changes
A change of zoning may be required if the property is not zoned properly. A table of land uses and their permitted zoning districts can be found in Article 4 of the Zoning Ordinance. A Change of Zoning Application must be submitted and approved by the City Council. A site plan may be required to support a Change of Zoning request.

Specific Use Permit (SUP)
A Specific Use Permit is required for certain types of uses. Article 4 of the Zoning Ordinance defines which uses require a Specific Use Permit. A Specific Use Permit Application must be submitted and approved by the City Council before the use is permitted. A site plan is required to support a Specific Use Permit application.

Variance/Special Exception Request
A Variance or Special Exception to the Zoning Ordinance may be requested by an applicant if the proposed development does not conform to the regulations set forth in the Zoning Ordinance. The Zoning Board of Adjustment grants variances and special exceptions based on criteria outlined in the Variance/Special Exception Request Application.

Plat and Facility Improvement Information
A formal Plat Application must be submitted and approved by the City Council if subdividing property, transferring title on property or requesting a building permit for an unplatted parcel of land. Plat information and requirements are outlined in the City of Granbury Subdivision Ordinance.

Procedural Guide to Land Development
The Procedural Guide to Land Development is a checklist of requirements to develop land within the City of Granbury and its extra-territorial jurisdiction.

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