Traffic Obstructions

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Street Visibility Triangle

The person in control of a property shall not allow the placement of any material or growth of vegetation to be taller than three feet within the visibility triangle. There is to be a 10 feet minimum height clearance within the visibility triangle. No fence shall be constructed in the visibility triangle with a height greater than three feet.

Sidewalk Area

The person in control of a property is responsible for insuring that the area from the curb to the property line (sidewalk area) is free of obstruction. Vehicles are not to be parked across a sidewalk area. Vegetation needs to allow for a minimum clearance of eight feet.

Illegal Dumping

It is unlawful for any person to sweep, throw, or deposit any garbage, rubbish, trash, other refuse material, dirt, concrete, rocks, or stagnant water into, upon, or along any drain, gutter, alley, sidewalk, street, vacant lot or land, or upon any public or private premises within the corporate limits of the city.

Dilapidated Fences

Fencing must be in good repair. They should have proper vertical alignment and no broken or missing parts resulting in opening of four inches or more. Fences are required around all pools and spas.