Nuisance Issues

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Unclean Premises

We are all responsible for keeping our property free of trash, decaying material, debris, and overgrown vegetation. The person in control of a property is responsible for insuring that waste, debris, or water does not collect on a property that could result in an unsanitary condition.

High Weeds & Grass

Weeds or grass over 12 inches high is a violation of city ordinance. The property owner / tenant is responsible for keeping the property compliant.

Air Tight Containers

It is a violation of city ordinance for the person in control of a property to permit circumstances that could allow children access to airtight or semi airtight containers. Containers with an opening of 50 square inches or more and a capacity of 1 1/2 cubic feet or more that has a lid capable of being securely closed are subject to this ordinance.

Stagnate / Unwholesome Water

It is important to eliminate standing or stagnate water. Water left standing in things such as tires, birdbaths, abandoned pools and spas, etc. can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Parking on All-Weather Surface

The city of Granbury requires for all motor vehicles, water crafts, trailers, etc. to be parked on an all weather surface.

Junked Vehicle

Motor vehicles on private property that are inoperative and have expired license tags or safety stickers that are wrecked, dismantled, partially dismantled, discarded, or have remained inoperable for more than 45 days are classified as junked vehicles.

The City Police Department addresses abandoned vehicles parked on public streets for more than 48 hours.


All trash and debris should be securely placed in a waste receptacle.