Tier Two Chemical  Reporting

Texas Tier II Reporting 

The Texas Tier Two Report is an annual hazardous chemical inventory which provides detailed information on chemicals which meet or exceed specified reporting thresholds at any time during a calendar year. The Report includes facility tracking information, as well as information on the hazardous chemicals being reported, including common and chemical names of products, hazard classifications, reporting ranges, days on site, container types, and storage location

 The Local Emergency Planning Committee is a voluntary organization established in an Emergency Planning District designated by the State Emergency Response Commission. LEPC's are required to receive the annual Texas Tier Two (Chemical Inventory) Reports from facilities in their jurisdiction. 

 To find out more about Tier II Chemical Reporting, please visit the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality website at https://www.tceq.texas.gov/permitting/tier2/tier-2-chemical-reporting

The Granbury Volunteer Fire Department prefers to receive Tier II reports in electronic form but will accept hard copies. Please contact us at 817-579-1111 for additional information and an email address for submission of electronic forms. Hard copies of the report may be submitted to: Granbury Volunteer Fire Department    P.O. Box 88    Granbury, TX 76048