Airport Fees

Hanger Fees
  • $305 mo – New enclosed hangars
  • $305 mo – New enclosed ‘end’ hangars
  • $135 mo – T-hangars/Patio
  • $340 mo – Older city hangars
  • Overnight Tie-Down Space – $8.00 per day (first night waived with fuel purchase) or $12.00 for an open T-hangar (covered space) when available. **Fees may be waived with purchase of fuel.**
  • The following items are available at competitive rates:
Aeroshell Oil – mineral 100
Aeroshell Oil - W100
Aeroshell Oil = 12W-50
JETA and 100LL
Aeroshell Oil-W100 Plus
  • 24-Hour Restroom Available - Use unicom frequency for GDJ for combination.
  • Conference Room – $50 per 8 hours, available 7 days a week. Aviation-related use only (If you fly in and wish to use the conference room, it is considered aviation-related.) Contact Aviation Director for reservations.
  • Monthly Fly-In Breakfasts – Held the FOURTH Saturday of every month (April through September) – For a donation to the charity for the event.